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Etsy Changes – Upcoming Shop Changes

I’m sure, by now, everyone has heard about the new changes to Etsy that are coming in the middle of July. While it seems as though a lot of the Etsy Sellers are making the move to their own websites, I wanted to stop by the blog and let you  know my plans for Planner & Paper.

I had already started making plans to slim down my presence on Etsy and start focusing more on the website, prior to this Etsy change, as I want to offer subscriptions to the Monthly Collections; which is something Etsy doesn’t allow. This means, more blog posts, all new releases will be listed here, digital products and subscriptions. The Subscription model was the biggest reason for the move, as I have been asked multiple times about a subscription for the kits. I can also have Hubs customize the site to however I want, ooh the perks of being married to a web developer. Also, the categories and search options on the website are, I believe, more user friendly than on Etsy.

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June Planner Sticker Kit

Whew! This planner kit has been a thorn in my side. Seriously, I love the colors, I thought I loved the theme.. and then I’ve sat here and stared at it for DAYS. I am loving the results, but this was a true labor of love. All of the other products that are in the store have taken me maybe 4-5 days from start to finish, but this one.. I think it’s almost been a month!

This planner kit contains a little bit of everything. Basics – flags, dots and headers, boxes of all shapes and sizes, a weekly kit and calendar toppers and a dashboard to help you plan your month with an under the sea theme.


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who knew opening a shop would be so much work?

I feel like I’m spending RIDICULOUS amounts of hours at my desk on my laptop and not getting anywhere. I’m sure it feels like I’m posting teaser posts on Instagram and it seems like I have so much done, but yet I’m not sharing anything with anyone. I PROMISE, I’m working as hard as one could work to get everything accomplished in order to open the shop. I am that “A typical” person who wants everything to be perfect and until it’s perfect it’s not happening. But, I’m close. Like REAL close to having everything ready and opening the shop. I just want everything to be, well perfect.

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