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What’s for Dinner? Meal Plan for 6/26


I know l missed last weeks meal plan but if you read my Manic Monday post you’ll understand why. So far so good today *fingers crossed* as I haven’t left the house yet, but it doesn’t seem AS  crazy today. *I started this post this morning at 9am.. it’s now 6pm and I’m just editing the last of this. It’s not been crazy, although there was an attempt or 2 to run me off the road again today, but I was off having fun with the Boy and the Nephew this morning and tried to post this in between*.

Last week seemed to be a blur, I’m not sure if it’s because it started out a little off or it’s because band camp has officially started for the Girl or we are just now settled into a slower pace because of summer break, but I had a meal plan last week and we seemed to avoid it at all costs.

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Manic Monday..

Maybe that should say Maniac Monday, because that’s how today feels. It feels like I should’ve just stayed in bed, or crawled back once I realized how awful today was going to be. It’s not even been a stressful kind of day, it’s one of those where things can go wrong.. it’s gonna go wrong kind of days.

It all started last night, I should’ve known, right? I finished up all of the admin stuff for the July Monthly kit that releases tomorrow and planned on going to bed early to read. Long story short.. I didn’t. It wasn’t until almost 2am before my head hit my pillow, and we had to be back up at 7:30 as the Girl started band camp today.

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What’s for Dinner? Meal Plan for 6/12

So.. how’d the Pinterest meal plan go?!? Or did I lose you to Pinterest? We made it through the meal planning process and cooking without getting lost to the abyss! We had some pretty amazing meals and I’m now wanting to go back for a second round of meal planning from Pinterest.

There is no real “theme” to this week’s meal plan. I guess you could say it’s tried and true recipes that we all love with one new one added in for something different. Some of these recipes are requested from the family on a regular basis and some of them I haven’t made in a REALLY long time. There’s at least 2 on this meal plan that are ones I haven’t made in years.

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Does Your Parenting “style” evolve?

We have been parents for almost 14 years. That’s a shocking statement all on its own. I can’t believe that our oldest child is almost 14! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Looking back over the years I can’t believe how much our parenting style has changed.

Sure, I knew as the kids got older things would change and we would change, but it seems as though I’ve lost myself. Not so much my personality or the things I enjoy, but I feel as though I’m losing that Mom side of me. I wrote about being a parent of older children is hard and it’s true, but what I didn’t think about is my role in their lives. Continue reading Does Your Parenting “style” evolve?

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What’s for dinner? Meal Plan for 6/5

Last week my meal plan was from the Six Sisters Stuff Meal Plan Subscription. I have never cooked the whole meal plan as written and I think I’m going to from now on. The meals this week were easy to cook – so easy Hubs has cooked several of them! They also did not disappoint when it came to feeding the family and everyone enjoying what was served.

I am a big fan of Six Sisters Stuff and that’s one reason I joined the Meal Plan subscription. I have always just picked the recipes from the weekly email, or previous weeks that I’ve saved and then moved on. The simplicity of having the menu and grocery list emailed to me, BEST THING EVER! The grocery list was easy to navigate and made preparing this week’s meals a breeze.

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