What’s for Dinner? Meal Plan for 4/17

This week is almost a typical week for us. We are SUPER busy and I want to avoid the question “What’s for dinner?” and not have an answer. This week’s meal plan has “quick fix”, pre-prepped and slower-cooker meals just to make life easier and work with our schedule. While sitting down and planning our

Digital Design Team Call

I’m looking for a Digital Design Team! I need help testing product. It’s great if I can get it to print and cut exactly how it’s supposed to, but I can make a fix and it work here but I need someone, besides me, to test digital products.

My March Reads

Wow, did March really just fly by? I swear I was just writing up the February book review post. I guess that’s what I get for having my head filled with all things Planner & Paper and not paying much attention to my book shelf. I had planned on reading more, much more, than what

Cricut Design Space Print then Cut Tutorial

When I started this journey into the world of Planner Stickers, I wanted to make sure that any files I created were accessible and useable by everyone. Some popular shops that offer a digital option only cater to those that have a Sihouette, which is great but if you’re like me and have a Cricut

who knew opening a shop would be so much work?

I feel like I’m spending RIDICULOUS amounts of hours at my desk on my laptop and not getting anywhere. I’m sure it feels like I’m posting teaser posts on Instagram and it seems like I have so much done, but yet I’m not sharing anything with anyone. I PROMISE, I’m working as hard as one

Meal Planning 101

Most of my married life I have made a meal plan. We don’t always stick to it; sometimes we switch it around to work around our schedule, should it change after I’ve planned our meals, or we grab take-out or choose to go out for a meal. I write my grocery list using my meal

There’s no need to Squeal

While it was a Monday, it was one that I have to say was a squeal worthy day. Maybe not to some people *cough* Hubs *cough*, but for me.. There were definitely some moments to squeal over! First, Becky Higgins, who created Project Life, LIKED one of my pictures on Instagram. I know.. not a HUGE